We are Thanet’s premier gym for results, we get you to your goals.

Here at Waugh machines we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve sustainable change. You are not just a membership number.
We have trained professionals here to help you in all aspects on your road to a lifestyle change, whether its fat loss, muscle building, toning, increased fitness or competing as well as online nutrition and training programs available

We cater for the general public and athletes alike and have a great mix of ages, abilities and backgrounds

We want you to succeed and with our help and a little effort, you will

To register your interest in becoming a member or view the timetable online click on the link below


Twitter: @warmachinegym

Facebook page: Waugh Machines Gym

Instagram: @waughmachines



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    I live round the corner. So you’re very convienent.
    I am trying t exercise and eat more healthily but with no help at all
    I am after some advice with eating and an exercise programme to get me fitter and loose weight. I’m getting married on 1/10 this year and want to be fitter for that but also stay fitter. Just wondered what are your prices
    Nicky 🙂


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