Personal Training & Nutrition

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Whatever your needs we have a program to help you on your way. We provide personal training as well as on hand advice to help you improve your own training

Here at waugh machines we are dedicated to your improvement

You won’t be just a member, you will be part of the waugh machine family

Our one off personal training sessions are bookable through the gym either by telephone or directly in the gym on Thanet (01843) 854400

Our programming package consists of an initial consultation and a tailored program including one personal training session.

At Waugh Machines we realise that you cannot out exercise a bad diet. We have a nutrition & lifestyle coach on hand to help you overhaul your diet and set you on the right path.

We don’t do “quick fixes” all our plans are tailored to you and have your lifestyle in mind. Your plan works with you and not the other way round

We are dedicated to educating our clients so that one day they are able to plan their own meals and therefore be able to achieve sustainable change

If you want to lose body fat, gain muscle, look lean and fabulous, Waugh Machines can get you there.

Feel free to come visit us or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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