Studio & Classes

We have a fitness studio which will be offering various types of fitness classes

Crossbox: A high energy kickboxing and circuit training based class to drum & bass and dance music

Push pull Legs: A high intensity based barbell class designed to increase lean tissue and burn fat whilst sculpting the body.

Strength and conditioning: A class based on using equipment such as prowlers and sleds as well as body weight and kettlebells, to improve strength and cardiovascular endurance whilst burning a serious amount of bodyfat

Bootcamp: a circuit based class utilising various training methods to increase fitness and improve overall body composition

Cycl30: A 30 minute High intensity indoor cycling class designed to torch calories and body fat fast

Dynamic Yoga: Traditional yoga moves designed to improve connective tissue strength and mobility

HIIT Circuit: High intensity circuits using a mix of equipment and training methods to increase overall strength and fitness as well as improve muscle tone

IsoFlow: A dynamic mobility class designed to increase mobility and Range of Movement using both dynamic, isometric and calisthenic movements to improve your flexibility and strength

Hells Bells: Kettlebells with a twist. Designed to improve joint strength and mobility as well as functional movement

Please feel free to contact us on 01843 854400 or message us on Facebook or Instagram for class times and availability.

Members can book classes online by clicking on the following link:

Book a Class

screen shot 2019-01-19 at 13.23.52  Waugh Machines Gym

screen shot 2019-01-19 at 13.23.34  Waugh Machines Gym

4 thoughts on “Studio & Classes

  1. Hello,

    I am a beginner and have an okay level of fitness. I am looking to book onto your Hiit circut class. Is this possible what are the times and days?
    Many thanks


  2. Hello War Machines,

    I am interested in 3 of your classes
    Push Pull Legs
    Strength and Conditioning

    Could you please let me know the times and dates of these please?

    Many Thanks.


  3. All classes are £5
    Timetable is displayed on our Facebook war machines page and our Instagram

    Thank you for your enquiry


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